Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Winter Memory: for One Single Impression

piecing together
computerized visual art
fragments from my mind

Remembering the brief rapture of stolen moments
between after school chores and suppertime

cold wind on my face
exhilaration of speed
sliding memories

rushing headlong, down the snowy hill
climbing up again, only to fly downward once more
each time the upward climb becoming slower and s l o w e r

then the call to supper

with red rosy cheeks and chaffed wrists
from snow clotted mittens
we would rush indoors to the parlor wood stove
remove our felts from snow clogged boots
and hang our melton snow pants nearby to dry
in readiness for another winter's day

These lines were created in response to the words, 'childhood memories', which is this week's prompt at One Single Impression. For more poetry on this theme please visit the hosting site.


SandyCarlson said...

Yes, yes, yes! I remember such afternoons! How I loved my Flexible Flyer, and what exercises it afforded. I enjoyed your words and images. Beautiful.

gautami tripathy said...

You brought back memories for me too! Good work!

alpha and omega

Deborah Godin said...

Oh those wonderful winters of childhood. I remember the feeling of elation the first time I ever managed to ice skate without totally sprawling! This is a wonderful post of images - in words and pictures!

Geraldine said...

Oh Ann, this is just WONDERFUL!!! I loved everything about this work. I am going back for a re-read to savor your words and images again. Bravo!!!!

barbs.haiku said...

You and I are in the same vein this week, as I did winter memories too! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann;

Yes that scene does bring back memories. Especially one Xmas approx 60 yrs ago when I got a new sled from Santa. I had to wait until after breakfast to go and try it out, and when finally allowed, rushed to the hill behind the barn. Full of excitement and awe with the new fallen snow. The moment had arrived so I launched myself and the new sled down hill only to encounter a rock beneath the snow and demolished the sled! A grief stricken moment at the time but I can now look back on it and laugh! Thanks for the memory.

Beth P. said...


Do you remember when 'flying saucers' became popular? My sisters and I ended up prefering them to sleds...

Great fun--

tumblewords said...

Oh, yes, childhood in the winter! Terrific memories here and in the images you use!

Sue said...

lovely...I never had these moments as a child (growing up in California), but I made up for it as a young adult spending hours sledding in the snow with young friends.

Mary said...

Perfect poem! I feel like I'm reliving it with you and so very familiar it feels. And a very clever photo!

Anonymous said...

Nice Poem to go with the Visual Art. Both together tells a wonderful story.

bobbie said...

How did I miss this one when it was first published? That could be me standing in the picture. I love every bit of this!

I recall it all, especially the feel of that snow, caked in out mittens, and getting down our necks somehow. This is just a beautiful piece!

Pamela said...

brrrr... I remember so well
We didn't have much in the way of "snow clothes"

We just bundled up in whatever hand me downs there were (and as the youngest of 8 -- well I had lots of those)

I remember well the smell of the old woolen socks ---after they were wet and stiff with icy slivers.