Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ships at Sea completed quilt

Shown above is my first quilt completed this winter and actuallyit is my first pieced quilt ever other than a doll's quilt with the pattern card trick. I have made quilts before but always have made and followed my own pattern. I have thoroughly enjoyed making this quilt and I have learned a lot!!! I loved searching for and finding different fabrics for the sky and the ocean. My generous, sharing daughter Riel, gave me a lot of fabric pieces. Thanks, Riel. This quilt just happened: beginning with experimenting with making a pieced block in October to taking it to a long arn quilter in November. It has been a voyage of discovery and adventure for me. I loved the entire journey!

above: All ready for the quilters.
I had chose the pattern "ocean froth"( by Anne Bright) at the long arm quilters. The swirling appearance of the pattern seemed to imitate a moving sea that a sailing ship would be sailing upon. I was really verypleased with how it turned out.
I have been working on quilt blocks of the pattern called ships at sea, sometimes it is called sailing ships or the Mayflower. Whatever the naming, these blocks bring back a recall of an early love of history and studies of those early, daring explorers that I was introduced to in grade 5 social studies classes, those many, many years ago. I found the stories thrilling of Marco Polo, Vasco de Gama, Prince Henry the Navigator, Magellan, Balboa, Captain Cook, Columbus,Jacques Cartier, John and Sebastien Cabot. This quilt will celebrate that early love. I didn't consciously choose this pattern, but I had found the block quite easy to piece, when I came upon it in a quilting book and I was enjoying the success of finishing the blocks. When I had accumulated a few I determined to make enough for a twin sized quilt. (24 blocks, each 12 inches square) Then I decided to look for backing fabric showing an old world map. I was really hooked when I found the perfect map fabric shown below. Wow!
The words following between quotation marks were written during the process of quilt making, before its completion.
"Next I found the fabric for sashing which you can see in the photo below of old sailing or clipper ships. "This quilt was meant to be! I am very eager to see it finished." I hope to take it to a long arm quilter today after I finish all ofthe sashing./ Then to put together the backing after which I plan on using the left over map fabric to make a matching pillow case. What an occasion for dreaming that will be: of adventurous explorers and those exciting far away lands that shall be discovered in dreamland. What a wonderful and exciting adventure the making of this quilt has been. " Now the quilt is complete and I am a very happy quilter! I hope you enjoy it!


Riel Nason said...

Love all the colour and energy in the quilt. It definitely brightens a winter day. I am so glad you got hooked on quilting too. It is really fun to have you to share this great hobby with!!!

Mary said...

Ann, this is just great! I love all the colors and fabrics! Isn't it so much fun picking out fabric for projects like this? That fabric for the back is just great! What a terrific find. I hope you have made lable to put on it so some day the future generations will know who made this great quilt and when. Have you started a new quilt now that you are hooked?

me ann my camera said...

Yes, Mary I'm beginning a new quilt tomorrow morning. It shall have a bear theme. I have some terrific fabric to use for it!

Melanie said...

It looks great! I haven't started making quilts, but I see it in my near future! I found you through Made By You Mondays and am now a follower.


Marianne said...

That is a wonderful quilt. You did a great job finding and combining all the fabrics. I love how the quilting makes it seem like the boats are coming alive.
Thanks for sharing.

The Witch said...

What a beautiful looking quilt. It really has nice colours and the map fabric is really a bonus to your project.
First time visiting your blog site and I have really enjoyed it.