Sunday, June 20, 2010

Yard Sale Treasure

This is an indoor cat made of chalk. I found this old , chalk doorstopper at a yard sale yesterday. It is old as was the seller, he told us he was 95. This chalk find needs a bit of paint touch up and my husband already did some repair to its left front paw by adding some plastic wood to round out the missing end of its paw. I love old door stoppers and

I have another cat[shown above] that I have been using for years. When found they often need a bit of a paint touch up as You never know what treasures you will bring home from a yard sale!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

a banjo for Davis, a yardsale treasure

We found this banjo Davis, with a dragonfly leading the way. Just as we were heading over to look at it,

a dragonfly landed on it and stayed while I took its picture. We figured it was meant to be and didn't think we could go wrong by paying the $5.00 asking price for it! So its yours now, and you can pick it up when you come home for a visit this summer. Here are a few details of its appearance:

We think its pretty nice but you're the musician

We look forward to hearing you play it this summer. We figure you could find a place on top of your turquoise pianio for it. Have a happy summer day!..

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Metal, jewellery, metallic and nature designs

To learn more of Thursday's Challenge and andthis week's theme of metallic,metal, jewellery, etc please click on the photo of the jewelled dragonfly on the right sidebar on this page. Have a great day!

This theme for this week's Thursday challenge really challenged me a bit today until I was thinking about my most favourite nature sightings, butterflies, moths and dragonflies when I knew what I would post.I ran (mentally) to take its picture.

When a physiotherapist first suggested that I buy myself a cane I searched for one that I could identify with. It has become my friend and companion that helps me with my balance while walking along railroad tracks looking for snapping turtles laying their eggs, while strolling through uneven surfaced grassy meadows looking for butterflies or dragonflies, or when going up or down slopes or little hills going to the river or when walking along my favourite wooded walking trails. The butterfly designs on my walking cane are very lovely. lively and inspiring.
Anbother part of the theme today is jewelery I have two beauties to share with you. I have always loved rhinestones as a child. My first piece of rhinestone jewelery was a yellow and lime green necklace and earring set, a gift from my father. I could not believe that I owned such magnificent beauty when it was given to me. Today my daughter, Riel, has that set. And this treasure below was a gift from my daughter and my grandson for Christmas one year. To me it was a perfect choice and I love it.
Whenever I wear this dragonfly pin(above) it always receives compliments and praise for its lovileness.
A second piece that fits the jewelery , metal, nature theme is this blue jewelled dragonfly, a gift from my granddaughter via my daughter Riel.Isn't it special!
And to keep this post nature themed I will include a picture of a butterfly I saw yesterday. Its a toss up between a meadow fritillary and a silver-bordered fritillary, but i think its the latter,
a Silver-bordered fritillary.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

shadowshot Sunday

The floral pattern on the window curtains is reflected on the door creating a delicate shadow design

Shadow, reflection, projection? The morning sunlight shiningg through the coloured glass on the window silll reproduces the colour and shape of the coloured glass. A shadow? a reflection? a projection?

To learn more of Shadow Shot Sunday perhaps to make your own contribution please click on the icon on the right sidebar of this page to go to the meme homepage. Happy Shadow watching to all