Tuesday, December 27, 2011

nature fabric pillow case for Ruby Tuesday

A most beautiful delightful gift I received from my daughter was a small pillow and pillowcase she had made for me out of nature fabric, The fabric is bright and bold with colourful songbirds on it; such as red Cardinals, Blue birds, Blue Jays and Chickadees. She also has given me a swatch of the fabric. She says it is a fabricville piece. I shall go looking for it as oit is a 'must have' beauty that would warm the heart of any birdwatcher.
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Saturday, December 24, 2011

A belated welcome to winter ;farewell autumn

Needles of pine quilt a soft warm blanket using
hushed hues of faded browns and yawning yellows
as Autumn prepares its winter bed

Northern vagabonds of wind and snow
whistle a warning lullaby of winter's approach
and Autumn falls asleep upon a soft white pillow

As a white blanket covers the land

Thursday, December 22, 2011

light for Thursday's Challenge

L is for light , a reflection of our Christmas tree lights on our windows looking outside just before real natural light has developed for the day The movement of the colours hold it all! "excitement of the season".
Season's Greetings to all. May your holiday season be wonderful! Full of warmth, love, gifts and happiness!

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our Christmas Cat!

Shakey is our handsome black cat who loves a reason to celebrate a season. He doesn't bother our Christmas tree but hangs around it a lot. Last evening we started wondering, "Where is Shakey"? We called him; "Shakey, where are you?" We knew we hadn't let him outdoors We hadn't seen him for a while?! Suddenly David made a loud noise getting up from the recliner and simultaneously we head a rattling noise under the tree and there he was!!! Shakey had been sleeping in a Christmas bag that we hadn't sealed at the top!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Santas for Ruby Tuesday

As this is theSanta Season we see that red-coated gift giver everywhere. We have 5 little believers in out family and its exciting to talk with out hopeful grandchildren on the telephone about their expectations. The photo above has ties with our family. The little ceramic Santa that used to wind up and play a Christmas tune is old, as it belonged to my husband's family when he was a little boy and it now has come down through the generations. The wooden, painted Santa was designed and painted by our daughter Riel,http://www.rielnason.com/ she was always a very creative child.

keepsakes of old
remind us of stories told
of Christmases past
decorated with red
our hopes inter twined with that colour
and that rotund jolly fella
we believed
and ah! that gifts that we achieved!
spread around the floor under the Christmas tree
It was such a magical time
blended with church bells chimes.

Seasons's greetings to all and to all the best in the upcoming new year
Merry Christmas
Ann and David
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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Inkpot for one single impression

word maker
earth shakers!
Your power within

guides rivers of thought
flowing over a page

This post was created in response to the word, 'inkpot', which is this week's prompt at One Single Impression. For more poetry on this theme please visit the hosting site

yellow stars at the top of the Christmas tree for mellow yellow Monday

A few years ago I made this Christmas chess set. Every year I enjoy getting the pieces out and setting them up. This year is no different and today I thought I'd share some of the pieces. The Christmas trees are the pawns. half of the trees are green and the remaining ones are red, The stars on the top of the trees are yellow and the antlers on the reindeer, (which are the knights are yellow, The snowmen are the bishops
Santa is the king
and Mrs. Santa is the queen

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Friday, December 2, 2011

The Block House at Hazen Park, Oromocto

A monochrome picture style and a 'sepia' tonal quality and I chose a yellow filter setting. I really like the warm, earthy colour that is so characteristic of our fall environment this tome of year. Anything without a snow covering is beautiful to my eyes.