Sunday, March 2, 2014

ASugar Shack for Sunlit Sunday

I have just stumbled upon a lovely Sunday photography meme hosted by My Little Home and Garden at:
Unfortunately for me and others too I am sure, this delightful meme comes to an end at the end of this month.

The theme is sunlight or a representation of sunlight or how it reflects upon you. Our host's post today features a visit by her to the Ontario Art Galley.  How well I remember visiting that same art gallery in 1980 -81? with my daughter when she was 10n years old and we went to view an exhibit of Vincent Van Gogh's paintings!!!  What a wonderful exhibit and event it was!! An absolute sunshine event of our lives!

And so for my sunshine representation for today I have photographed a painting which I have of a Sugar Shack in the sunshine,  What could be more fitting a topic for the optimism of March and the expectation of  the ending of winter and the coming change of seasons and the dawning of spring!

There is no artist's signature on the painting so it will remain an anonymous painting which I had bought at a yard sale somewhere, but believe me it has warmed me with its activity and intent on many a March day while waiting for the advent of a long awaited spring.