Saturday, November 20, 2010

A juicy orange for photo hunter

I didn't have many choices for the theme today, but this freshly cut orange seemed to fill the need.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thursday's Challenge quilt making.

The theme for today's Thursday Challenge of craft fits perfectly with my most recent activities for I have been busy making quilt blocks to assemble together into a twin sized quilt. I have only 4 more blocks to complete until I can start sewing them all together. To see some of my blocks please scroll down to see my previous posts on this project of mine. Yesterday's block included some cute fabric of fish and Octopus, this fabric had been made into a child's pillowcase which I had found at a seconhand store, Value Village. I bought the pillowcase for the fabric.
used to represent the water of the ocean. The finding of fabric is such a fun activity.
Another fun fabric I found to represent water was a fabric with yellow sea turtles which had been made into a baby carrying sling. I bought the sling for the fabric also.that I used in this sailing ship block I had made on Tuesday. I have also enjoyed meeting the challenge of finding different fabric designs to represent the sky as in this yellow starred blue night sky in the above block.
Today's block features the excitement of red!

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Monday, November 1, 2010

shark infested blue fabric waters for Blue Monday

I have been bitten by the quilting bug. I hope its not related to bed bugs as they are both bed related. I have recently been making a ships at sea quilt blocks and have been focusing mainly on finding a variety of sky related fabrics, but had not been too venturesome in searching out different sea or water fabrics. That is not until my daughter Riel, gave me a sleeve from a man's shirt featuring sharks in turquoise waters which I have used to match my turquoise skies in the above quilt block.. That success sent me off shopping for possible designer fabric made into clothing at a secondhand clothing store( Guy Frenchys) on the weekend. And I found a treasure fabric in the form of a man's bathing suit. Grey sharks in blue water. This was perfect for my project with its colours as the borders around my quilt blocks will be grey!I pieced together a quilt block to use the shark fabric and cut carefully so that a large openmouthed shark was featured in the forefront. .Blue Monday is a meme that hosts photos which highlights the colour of blue. Please click on the bluejay badge in the right sidebar to learn more of this interesting meme found at :