Wednesday, July 19, 2017

B is for Birchbark for ABC Wednesday

These photos today for B are old items made from birchbark that I have.  They were primarily made for toys or to sell to tourists
This first item is a picture frame sold in or made in Cacouna, Quebec as a tourist sale item. Above, the back of the frame where the grain of the birch can be seen. Below, the front of the frame with the words cacouna Quebec at the bottom of the frame.
Below I have two toy birchbark wigwams to include., Shown below. you can see a portion of the white birch bark in the interior of the wigwam.
This one above was decorated with an imaginative flair  including a black bear on one side, also within are sticks piled ready for a fire.

  On its opposite side there are two paddles being handy and ready for use.

My last item is very old and small, being about two inches long.  It is a birch bark cradleboard complete with a baby.
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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A is for arrowheads for A B C Wednesday

A is for aboriginal artifacts as that is what these arrowheads are.   Several years ago I bought a box of miscellaneous items at an auction. When browsing before the auction it was difficult to view all of the items in the box, but I had bought the box  based upon what I could see.  Much to my delight upon receiving the box I found It also contained these two arrowheads! If these arrowheads were used for hunting, then they would have to be delivered with much force for them to do any damage as their sharpness and ability to pierce is questionable in my opinion.
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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Red Geraniums for Ruby Tuesday Too

I connect red geraniums in a pot with memories of my grandmother. She always had geraniums on her kitchen windowsill and she often would talk about taking slips from the plant. Winters are easier to  cope with when we have a pot of Red Geraniums in our  bay windows. This summer we have pots hanging outdoors  at our front entrance and also at the entrance gate into Bird Alley.  In the fall these pots will come inside  our house to winter in our bay windows. Today I have included pictures of the red blossoms and of some of the leaves that have turned red.
Above , a beautiful red blossom  in the pot hanging at our garden gate.

Above , a geranium leaf that has reddened and below many red leaves can be seen in the pot hanging at our front door.
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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Mill Stones for Thursday's Challenge

My choice to represent this week's challenge of hard are two old mill stones.

These two  stones serve as a monument of sorts for the founding of our village.  The original land grantee, Mr.. Hartt, had established a grist mill which operated   somewhat from the time of the original land grant in 1804 until the grist mill was sold  in 1902 by its then owner "Buckwheat" Smith. 'Miller' Smith ground wheat and buckwheat into flour for the local populace and crushed peas and oats for livestock feed. These stones are still intact today  testifying to their hardiness and endurance from years of use in the grist mill.  At close inspection they appear to have a granite base.

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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Shadows for Shadow Shot Sunday 2

Finding Shadows within your home is always a fun challenge.  We have an older home with a very beautiful Bannister enclosing our staircase which leads to our second floor.
  Above light coming is from a French door on our second floor creates shadows from our bannister against the wall.
Above light from a window on the west side of our house  creates shadows of the bannister  as they go upstairs.
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