Saturday, October 30, 2010

school bus in the dark for photo hunter

This picture taken in the dark yesterday morning while waiting at the bus stop with my little grandson just seems so appropriate for the theme of this week's photo hunter "dark"! It was also a very foggy morning.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Another sailing ships quilt block

This block I call a Saint John River Wood Boat. Only 10 more blocks to go andthen I will be in a single digit countdown. I will have completed enough blocks for a twin bed size quilt. having 4 blocks horizontally and 6 blocks vertically. I am getting anxious to see all of the colourful blocks put together. It will be quite lovely, I hope.. I want to include a Chinese junk block as I have a piece of lovely red fabric with black Chinese lettering on it.I shall have to find a good picture of a junk's sail to use as a model before creating it.

The black sky, starry night fabric is called Halloween night. My daughter had given me the fabric. The brown fabric I had bought from Janice at the flea market held on Sunday's and the brown for the boat's body, I had bought at Mardens in Scarborough, Portland , Maine. Finding and buying fabric is a joyful pastime. That is on my list for fun things to do on Friday or perhaps maybe tomorrow. Another fun sky fabric I found was this turquoise fabric sky with multi coloured stars., shown below. This fabric Ihad purchased at Fabricville. note: I have since reconstruced the turquoise ship, changing the sails around so that they are positioned them the same as the brown ship above.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

sailing ship quilt block for Ruby Tuesday

I have been very busy the past week making quilt blocks of the pattern called sailing ships or ships at sea. I had bought a new sewing machine recently and being strongly influenced by my quilt maker daughter whose quilt blog is found at: I had been practicing some quilt block patterns. This pattern caught my eye and so far I have completed 12 blocks. I really like my results and find it challenging finding different sky designs to use for each ship block. The fabric I used above I had found in a thrift shop having been made into a pillow cover. I threw the pillow away and washed and cut up the cover as the fabric was so appropriate to my needs. I am half way there making blocks. I plan on making 24 blocks for a twin sized bed quilt. This is block # 12. I want to find some fabric showing an old world antique map, in sepia tones if possible for the backing of the quilt. That will be a challenging search but the theme seems so suitable for an old sailing ships design!
The black fabric with red stars used above for the ship's body is called spirit of the west by Maywood Studio. It is so much fun picking and matching fabrics. The red wavy water was found by my husband among a group of fat quarters for 50 cents each, He also bought me blue waves and green waves. My favourite choice is the red waves, but the green onesblended nicely when I used a green sky fabric with cream coloured stars.

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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Letters for photo hunt

"Oh My", this week's theme of letters takes me way back to 1965, 64 and 63. When I read this week's theme of 'letters' I knew I could find them. They were in an old Ganongs chocolate box in the middle lefthand drawer of my desk. When they were current they were eagerly awaited treasures. They span many miles from the Atlantic,( Saint John, N. B). to the Pacific (Vancouver, B.C. , and a few years. Also they arrivedat a cabin where I lived in the mountains and at an apartment in Calgary.I moved around a lot when I was a young woman. One year I traveled across Canada three times by train. I remember those trips well, I was so tired!

The writer of these letters has been my husband now for 44 years.

At the date shown above by the post office stamp I was living briefly in Fredericton and Saint John, N.B. David was in Vancouver, B.C. We were married in Vancouver in 1966.

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