Thursday, August 31, 2017

Golden Glow for Remberances on Thursday's Challenge

I have always loved this old tall perennial which is  topped with golden yellow orbs.  It used to be called "the outhouse flower" as in the era of outhouses it was often planted beside the outhouse and was used to  camouflage the presence of that little , old necessary building out among the outbuildings of one's home property. However that is just interesting trivia, not the cause of my remembrances.  My grandmother, Clara Ceclia had a clump of Goldenglow at the base of the  outdoor staircase which led up to her home. In late August, often just before school started up again, after the summer holidays I would delight in their beautiful golden blooms, and before long the tall stems would be bending with the late summer breezes as they nodded a welcome  to me as I climbed the stairs to visit my grandmother.
These memories are refreshed in my mind every late August as the Goldenglo we have planted in our yard comes into bloom.  I had transplanted this flower from a find at an old deserted homestead many years ago and it' s  yearly blooming is an event which warms my heart every summer as it once more comes into bloom.
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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

H is for Horse Haul for abc wednesday

On the weekend we attended a horse pull or the term I am most familiar with is a' horse haul' The contestants; teams of work horses. were required to pull heavy loads a designated distance.

old friends meet and greet
crowds gather around the field
to watch the horse pull

pulling together
feat of strength and endurance
 thousand of pounds

huge hooves biting dirt
both resolved to do their best
heavy loads are pulled
harnessed workhorses
patiently await their turn
hitched to the post fence

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

D is for Dance on ABC Wednesday

My D  Daughter  was a highland Dancer and now my grandDaughter dances competively. Thus we spent many summer weekends attending highland games and festivals in our area. I love the music of the pipes and the beautiful swirling colours of the Dancer's kilts. And most exciting of all are the awards ceremonies  at the end of the day's competition when the Dancers receive recognition for their Dancing skills in the form of medals and/ or trophies  for the highest scoring  dancers who receive a high aggregate trophy.
above Dancing the Reel
shown above and below, the Sword Dance.  A Dancer must NOT touch the sword during their performance

shown above and below, the Highland Fling

                                                     It was a successful Day of Dancing

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