Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A yellow leaf for Thursday's Challenge.

When looking around my yard after the recent melt of snow from our first big snowstorm last week, I was surprised to find this yellow maple leaf lying among a group of brownish fallen leaves lying on the ground.  When I downloaded the photo on my computer  I could see some frayed edges on the leaf!  My curiosity was alerted.  Huh?  this couldn't possibly be a real leaf retaining such a bright yellow colour , especially at this time of year.  I immediately went outdoors and located the leaf, and decided to examine it. I picked it up and I could feel the texture of fabric.  Perhaps someone had lost this leaf from their Halloween costume  at the end of October or perhaps it was  part of a Halloween decoration?!  whatever its source, its serves a purpose today as I am able to share this photo on the meme Thursday's Challenge which this past week hosted the theme of leaves.  I am linking this post to Thursday's Challenge today. this challenge can be found at: