Monday, February 2, 2009

A Mellow Yellow Breakfast

The research benefits of the internet are marvelous and upon encountering the main character in Jeffrey Archer's novel, As the Crow Flies, eating 'Scotch Eggs' on more than one occasion, my husband became curious. The photos included here are the results of his curiosity and the delicious breakfast he served me yesterday morning. Basically Scotch Eggs consist of a hard boiled egg in the center of sausage meat. On Wikipedia's information page , it is mentioned that it is fried dish, but we chose to bake them and they were delicious! A recipe for baked Scotch Eggs can be found here.
And of course a meal isn't complete without a hot cup of tea or coffee. And for this mellow yellow day, I enjoyed my breakfast tea served in a 1930's original yellow Harlequin cup and saucer.

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Looking Up in Saint John: for Sunday Stills

Looking up along King Street in the old, port city of Saint John, NB, you can see this facade of old brick buildings. With the influx of Loyalists in 1784, Saint John became a city in 1785 and holds the honour of being the oldest incorporated city in Canada.

This week's photo challenge for Sunday Stills, is 'go high, go low'. Its all about perspective and the angle that you shoot at; high or low, just not in the middle. To see other photo contributions to this meme, just click on the highlighted name.

Fallsview Park: for Scenic Sunday

A view from Fallsview Park, Saint John, New Brunswick.
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