Saturday, November 28, 2009

Grazing Sheep for MonochromeWeekly

The trheme for this meme is monochrome, no colour. to learn more about this theme or to maybe post your own contributionplease clickhere.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

R is for rain for ABC WEDNESDAYand Watery Wednesday

R is for rain and we have had too much of it this past summer and and spring, but then it could be snow as the seasons change and the temperatures get lower and I'm not psychologically ready for winter yet.
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Rain is also about water and,The theme of Watery Wednesday is water; for a wonderful variety of watery scenes from other bloggers around the world, just click on its name.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Not A Crow, But A Hawkor maybe an Eagle!

At A distsnce I knew it wasn't a crow. It was too big for crow. I took my first picture from my car, then got out and walked further down on the shoulder of the road to get closer.When closer I could see a few markings on its breast and the hook in its beak, and I then knew I was looking at a hawk. This is the first hawk |I have seen for months! I think it is a Red-tailed Hawk.
i think i might have interrupted lunch for as it started to leave I could see the shape of something hanging from its claw.
My best photo was my last one as its beautiful curved wingspan was shown as it was leaving. What a beautiful sighting this was! Another lucky day. I love the half moon shape of its wings!

My hunting season red coat for Ruby Tuesday

I sometimes get quite addicted to genealogy and yesterday I located this memorial to my 5th great grandparents; Philip Crouse and Sara Burt. It was in the country at the back of a field alongside the Keswick River so I wore red in acknowledgement of hunting season.Click on the picture to read the story of my 5th. great grandmother's Burt family from Connencitut. quite an interesting memorial stone. Sara Burt gave birth to 18 children!
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