Thursday, June 22, 2017

Summer for Thursday's Challenge

Today I am linking to Thursdays Challenge which is hosting the theme of summer. 
I have included three themes which relates to  our summer
1. At the lake
2. Highland Games
and 3. Family

At the Lake
Above representing leisure times and contentment at the lake.

The  following pictures also include family which is a theme throughout our summer activities. These two pictures below are of our grandson's first experience of kayaking

My second theme today is of highland games. Over the years my family has participated in highland dancing and pipe bands and parades.
The excitement and fun runs high at summer

Pipe Bands above  preparing for competition and the massed band event and shown  below  are some of the highland dancing events.

And once again the pictures above highlight the family theme as the talented highland dancer is our granddaughter.
MY link today is Thursdays Challenge  which can be found at

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Dark storm clouds

Yesterday the weather forecast issued a severe storm warning for my area.  So I waited and watched and took some pictures of the dark clouds gathering. The dark cloud shown below fascinated me as it was just across the street from my house  but then it faded away and the dark clouds became gray and  we got rain but no thundershowers.  But clouds can be fascinating can't they!?