Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A green-themed work in progress for Thursday challenge

This green themed quilt wasn't planned for St. Patrick's Day although the timing for its completion couldn't have been better. Actually its to be a birthday present for a little boy who loves green and playing socceer. I finished piecing it together yesterday and this morning I will pin baste it and start quilting it this afternoon with my sewing machine using the stitch in the ditch quilting method. However it might turn into a tug of war between myself and the sewing machine as the quilt will be bulky. It is 50" x 80" and it is made up of 160 green-themed five inch squares.

Since having posted these photos of my completed green-themed quilt top last week I have pin basted the quilt top and am midway completed the machine quilting. More experience on my part would be a definite asset; however the apparent evidence of my lacking in experience and the resultant tell- tale tracking of my thread lines ( a wobbly wave here, a creative curve there) add to a uniqueness all of its own to the work. Each time I approach the sewing machine I am engaged in a quilt top tug -of- war to see if my contrary project will follow my guidance of a pull and push as the fabric glides under the sewing machine needle, see what I mean by my lacking in experience? I also have a helper, as our cat Shakey seems to love this quilt. He is probably putting lots of cuddles and purrs into it for it is to be a gift to his previous owner, our bilingual grandson, "Bonjour, David, C'est un présent pour vous!"

By the time it is completed this quilt will have lots of sleep experience put into it as it is Shakey's most favourite spot for a nap no matter where I place the quilt in the house;
folded on the dining room table , or spread out on the love seat in the living room.

I like the quilt top too, although I haven't taken any naps on it yet as Shakey has. My favourite portion of it is the top part which holds the deepest and greenest greens. It has wonderful appeal at this time of year as my anticipation of spring is a daily hope and pleasure. The lighter greens which I have used unify the green theme as intended,do not hold as much appeal to me, however the idea of a walk outdoors in a green environment appeals to my dreams of once again enjoying the surroundings of a green world brought about by this present welcome seasonal change.

Shakey has aquired a few more habits related to his quilting interest. His outreached paw can unthread my sewing machine in a second and due to his fascination with my pin cushion I now leave it on top of the refridgerator overnight. If I forget to put it away in a hard- to- reach- location, I will find an empty pin cushion, in the morning surrounded by its pulled out straight pins pins lying on the table top in a circle around the pincushion. Shakey is not too interested in chasing empty thread spools, I suspect that might be as they are freely given to him, offering little temptation. But Shakey is a great cat and is dearly loved. Maybe I should make him a quilt? That might be a good next project and I am sure he would be willing to help!

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Monday, March 14, 2011

A delicious treat of little crabapples for Ruby Tuesday

This is the same bird as in my previous post; An almost all white Bohemian Waxwing that I was so lucky to have seen while I was taking pictures of regular Bohemian Waxwings on Thursday of last week.. You can imagine my surprise and delight! !!When I saw this beautiful white creature through my camera lens. The red berries also add so much to the beauty of the picture.

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

A white coloured Bohemian Waxwing for Camera Critters

An unusual bird sighting on Thursday, March 10th. made for a very beautiful picture! I believe this uncommon feather colouring or non-colouring is be an example of a partially albino bird or an example of a leucistic condition.
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Thursday, March 10, 2011

bird words fabric for Thursday challenge

We like birds in our house, We feed them, watch them and take pictures of them. This piece of fabric shown is full of words relating to birds and I think it is wonderful for it touches upon another interest of mine, quilt making. I have completed 3 quilts this winter and am now working on my fourth. Next I think I will make a bird quilt .

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How about some nursery rhymes cat words?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Riel's scrapbuster random railfence quilt block

Got lots of fabric scraps? Can't sleep? Awake at 5 a.m.? Then do as I did, get up and piece and sew together a uniquely patterned quilt block using up those scraps you have left over from your sewing projects. This block is 12" square. I love the colours and variety of designs in the completed block!

Want to know how to make it? Riel Nason at Quietly Quilting in Quispamsis has posted a tutortial showing how to make this creative scrappy block on her quilting blog at: