Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter sunshine quilts for mellow yellow monday

The quilt above I call winter sunshine. It is very yellow as was its purpose in design. It is made of 150, 5 inch squares: The backing of the quilt continues the yellow theme as can be seen below, and a nighttime theme is also introduced with its star covered pattern. Please click on the picture below to better see the stars in the fabric.

Inthe photo above the little dolly quilt is being held in the front.

With a few scraps and bits and pieces left over I cut 30, 4 inch squares to make the little dolly quilt shown above. It is 20 inches by 24". the original and larger winter sunshine quilt I used the same star covered yellow pattern fabric for backing as seen in the photo below.

The idea for these quilts I copied from my role model, and mentor ,Riel who quietly quilts in Quispamsis. You can see her work by clicking on the url below.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

An old house still standing for photo hunter

Ever since I returned to this area in 1997 this old house has been weathering each season as it passes by. I thought it was very appropiate for the theme of standing fot photo hunter today!

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

fabric with touches of red for Ruby Tuesday

Yesterday on my other blog, Nature Tales and Camera Tails, I introduced my ongoing winter project of making a quilt of yellow themed fabric..It consists of 15 horizontal strips, each composed of 10 five inch squares. In total I l have 15 horizontal strips altogether. At the moment I am sewing the horizontal strips together and am getting to the darker fabrics which I have included. My guidelines are that each block must include some yellow. The strip that I just have attached this morning has some blocks with beautiful reds( and of course yellow in it too) in it.
See what I mean?! To really enjoy the beautiful fabric designs included, please click to enlarge.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Redpolls on a branch for sepia scenes

I thought the arrangement of these little birds(Common Redpolls) side by side on a branch was delightful, but even more so when I changed it to sepia tones.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Shakey for Cats On Tuesday

Shakey is our very contented winter cat. He spends most of his daytime finding different places to sleep throughout the day. He seldom goes outdoors although every morning he runs to the door to be let out. but he changes his mind when the cold air hits him or his eyes see the snow outside. We call our old basement his apartmernt where he has his food, water and litter box. He goes to the basement door and meows when he has need to go downstairs.
We still get his name confused with other cats we have had, and find ouselves often calling him, Bravie (Brave was the best cat in the world who was with us for about 20 years), or we call him Thag ot Thaggie. (Pythagorus was a wonderful cat who earned her name from a geometric shape on the bottom of her right leg.) So Shakey often raises his head when we call him Bravie or Thaggie.(We still miss Brave and Pythagorus very much!) Shakey only came to live with us in August when my son and his family and cat came to visit us. They left Shakey behind as they were moving on to Ontario to a rented apartment and their circumstances didn't quite make room for the family cat. Shakey has settled in here quite well and he is now very much a part of our family and living room decor. Shakey's previous family came to visit us at Christmas and all was good. Shakey is happy living with us and has adjusted well. Tuesday's cat is a meme where you can feature your cat by sharing its picture or by you writing interesting news about you cast and its activities. To find this meme please click on the cat icon on the right haand coloumn and sign in to mr. linky. Have a great day.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

An unwanted visitor for photo hunter

An unwanted visitor left its footprints behind in my yard. It looks like it was a fair sized dog! I don't like to let our cat out after dark.
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