Saturday, November 20, 2010

A juicy orange for photo hunter

I didn't have many choices for the theme today, but this freshly cut orange seemed to fill the need.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thursday's Challenge quilt making.

The theme for today's Thursday Challenge of craft fits perfectly with my most recent activities for I have been busy making quilt blocks to assemble together into a twin sized quilt. I have only 4 more blocks to complete until I can start sewing them all together. To see some of my blocks please scroll down to see my previous posts on this project of mine. Yesterday's block included some cute fabric of fish and Octopus, this fabric had been made into a child's pillowcase which I had found at a seconhand store, Value Village. I bought the pillowcase for the fabric.
used to represent the water of the ocean. The finding of fabric is such a fun activity.
Another fun fabric I found to represent water was a fabric with yellow sea turtles which had been made into a baby carrying sling. I bought the sling for the fabric also.that I used in this sailing ship block I had made on Tuesday. I have also enjoyed meeting the challenge of finding different fabric designs to represent the sky as in this yellow starred blue night sky in the above block.
Today's block features the excitement of red!

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Monday, November 1, 2010

shark infested blue fabric waters for Blue Monday

I have been bitten by the quilting bug. I hope its not related to bed bugs as they are both bed related. I have recently been making a ships at sea quilt blocks and have been focusing mainly on finding a variety of sky related fabrics, but had not been too venturesome in searching out different sea or water fabrics. That is not until my daughter Riel, gave me a sleeve from a man's shirt featuring sharks in turquoise waters which I have used to match my turquoise skies in the above quilt block.. That success sent me off shopping for possible designer fabric made into clothing at a secondhand clothing store( Guy Frenchys) on the weekend. And I found a treasure fabric in the form of a man's bathing suit. Grey sharks in blue water. This was perfect for my project with its colours as the borders around my quilt blocks will be grey!I pieced together a quilt block to use the shark fabric and cut carefully so that a large openmouthed shark was featured in the forefront. .Blue Monday is a meme that hosts photos which highlights the colour of blue. Please click on the bluejay badge in the right sidebar to learn more of this interesting meme found at :

Saturday, October 30, 2010

school bus in the dark for photo hunter

This picture taken in the dark yesterday morning while waiting at the bus stop with my little grandson just seems so appropriate for the theme of this week's photo hunter "dark"! It was also a very foggy morning.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Another sailing ships quilt block

This block I call a Saint John River Wood Boat. Only 10 more blocks to go andthen I will be in a single digit countdown. I will have completed enough blocks for a twin bed size quilt. having 4 blocks horizontally and 6 blocks vertically. I am getting anxious to see all of the colourful blocks put together. It will be quite lovely, I hope.. I want to include a Chinese junk block as I have a piece of lovely red fabric with black Chinese lettering on it.I shall have to find a good picture of a junk's sail to use as a model before creating it.

The black sky, starry night fabric is called Halloween night. My daughter had given me the fabric. The brown fabric I had bought from Janice at the flea market held on Sunday's and the brown for the boat's body, I had bought at Mardens in Scarborough, Portland , Maine. Finding and buying fabric is a joyful pastime. That is on my list for fun things to do on Friday or perhaps maybe tomorrow. Another fun sky fabric I found was this turquoise fabric sky with multi coloured stars., shown below. This fabric Ihad purchased at Fabricville. note: I have since reconstruced the turquoise ship, changing the sails around so that they are positioned them the same as the brown ship above.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

sailing ship quilt block for Ruby Tuesday

I have been very busy the past week making quilt blocks of the pattern called sailing ships or ships at sea. I had bought a new sewing machine recently and being strongly influenced by my quilt maker daughter whose quilt blog is found at: I had been practicing some quilt block patterns. This pattern caught my eye and so far I have completed 12 blocks. I really like my results and find it challenging finding different sky designs to use for each ship block. The fabric I used above I had found in a thrift shop having been made into a pillow cover. I threw the pillow away and washed and cut up the cover as the fabric was so appropriate to my needs. I am half way there making blocks. I plan on making 24 blocks for a twin sized bed quilt. This is block # 12. I want to find some fabric showing an old world antique map, in sepia tones if possible for the backing of the quilt. That will be a challenging search but the theme seems so suitable for an old sailing ships design!
The black fabric with red stars used above for the ship's body is called spirit of the west by Maywood Studio. It is so much fun picking and matching fabrics. The red wavy water was found by my husband among a group of fat quarters for 50 cents each, He also bought me blue waves and green waves. My favourite choice is the red waves, but the green onesblended nicely when I used a green sky fabric with cream coloured stars.

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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Letters for photo hunt

"Oh My", this week's theme of letters takes me way back to 1965, 64 and 63. When I read this week's theme of 'letters' I knew I could find them. They were in an old Ganongs chocolate box in the middle lefthand drawer of my desk. When they were current they were eagerly awaited treasures. They span many miles from the Atlantic,( Saint John, N. B). to the Pacific (Vancouver, B.C. , and a few years. Also they arrivedat a cabin where I lived in the mountains and at an apartment in Calgary.I moved around a lot when I was a young woman. One year I traveled across Canada three times by train. I remember those trips well, I was so tired!

The writer of these letters has been my husband now for 44 years.

At the date shown above by the post office stamp I was living briefly in Fredericton and Saint John, N.B. David was in Vancouver, B.C. We were married in Vancouver in 1966.

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Schoolbus for 'school' photohunter

Nothing speraks of'school to me as much as the image of a schoolbus. I did this painting of a schoolbus several years ago whenI saw this bus to on my way to school each day. I was a teacher and I followed it to school each day. For a few years this painting hung in the office of the high school where my husbans taught. We were a family of teacher's, Today our eldest son is a teacher also as is our daughter-in-law. As a mother of three children, how well I remember those first days of starting school for them and waiting and watching for the schoolbus. Just this week we repeated that ritual of waiting for the scoolbus as we waited and watched while our little grandson, now a kindergarden student get off the bus when he returned home at the end of his schoolday.

HURRah for school buses!

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

the old CpR Railway station at McAdam New Brunswick

The beauty of this old CPR railroad station can be seen today at McAdam, New Brunswick.
Read about its restoration here:

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

nature fabric quilt block for Ruby Tuesday

I bought quite a bit of nature themed fabric last weekend in Maine and have decided to make a nature themed quilt by framing some of the beautiful fabric pictures to make quilt blocks. It has been a battle getting the thread tension adjusted on my sewing machine, but now I think I can manage it and cope with the frustration when it doesn't work correctly. More blocks will be posted as I progress along.This one shown includes a bit of reddish tones including the border fabric(Old English Rose, by Gail Kessler for Andover Fabrics Inc) The nature scene is I think from Timeless Treasures. Some of the fat quarters do not include the selvages which id the pattern and fabric manufacturer. What fun it is getting involved in a project such as this!

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Yard Sale Treasures found today

118 men's ties for $5.00! What will I do with them? select a few to give to male family members who still wear ties now and then. I have stashed away a couple of Brooks Brothers and other well known brand names ones for gifts. The one with the price tag of $95 still on it does not appeal to me so I'm hoping my daughter who makes lovely creative quilts can make use of them. I'm sure she would come up with some fantastic creation. I am full of joy over my next purchase shown below. A baby stroller! which I plan on using as a walker when I go to a large flea market next week.The grounds there are large, dusty and uneven underfoot. It will also double as a shopping basket. I have noticed that when at a mall or supermarket, walking is not a chore when I have a shopping cart to push. At times my walking is a bit bothersome, cumbersome and laborious. This problem having developed from a strokeI had about a year and a half ago. I never had to use a walker but recently have been thinking that one might be very helpful. The thing I really like about the stroller I bought today is its large wheels! and it glides like a dream! And the handle is at such a nice height for reaching and pushing.The price was wonderful also, only $6.00. I might even take it for a walk this evening over our rough sidewalk pavement. My husband has suggested that I might put a dolly in it when I go for a walk. As he says," the neighbours will then really think that I have lost it for sure. ;-)"
Its a Graco!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

colou splash for weekday photos

A yellow splash of goldenrod

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Garden globe reflections

I had been looking to buy a garden globe all summer. I finally found a lovely one in Wiscasset, Maine on the past weekend. We think it is beautiful and love the reflections of our garden that it catches.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A water trough for horses

A refreshing drink awaits the horses that pull the wagons full of visitors at King's Landing historical village at PrinceWilliam, New Brunswick.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

A stop sign for weekday photo

You don't have to be bilingual to live here in New Brunswick,Canada, the only officially bilingual province in Canada. The meaning of "arret" is easily understandable as to its meaning of" stop" All traffic signs in our province are in both french and english. The writing on the book mobile of New brunswick's public library system says it all , " Be in this place"

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Barn building for Remember Whensday

While driving home last Thursday feom a trip to Saint John we saw this old barn being dismantled. I just had to take its picture!. The word" barn raising "came to mind and I started wondering about its beginnings. Had it been a joint effort, maybe the result of a barn raising. The framwork reminded me of a scene from a movie I had once seen where a barn raising took place. I have driven past this location a few times since hoping to catch a glimpse, or maybe a picture of someone working on it up high. I have had no luck yet, but I will keep checking it out.

When looking at the dismantled barn picture this old antique photo above kept coming to my mind. My great grandfather Frederick Otis Pheasant is standing the third from the right in the back row. I don't know the occasion of the photo but Pa Pheasant and many of the men from the community had gathered altogether. When first seeing the photo I had thought barn raising for the evidence of building is seen in the wagon load of lumber in the lower left. But then I thought," no", not a barn for the door opening was too wide. My second guess would be that this building might be a sawmill. Perhaps the men had gathered together to saw some lumber that day and thus the reason for the wagonload of lumber. Or perhaps some building had been going on that day. ? The mystery shall remain in the past as I know of no one who could tell me of the activities of the day whwn this photo was taken.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Yard Sale Treasure

This is an indoor cat made of chalk. I found this old , chalk doorstopper at a yard sale yesterday. It is old as was the seller, he told us he was 95. This chalk find needs a bit of paint touch up and my husband already did some repair to its left front paw by adding some plastic wood to round out the missing end of its paw. I love old door stoppers and

I have another cat[shown above] that I have been using for years. When found they often need a bit of a paint touch up as You never know what treasures you will bring home from a yard sale!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

a banjo for Davis, a yardsale treasure

We found this banjo Davis, with a dragonfly leading the way. Just as we were heading over to look at it,

a dragonfly landed on it and stayed while I took its picture. We figured it was meant to be and didn't think we could go wrong by paying the $5.00 asking price for it! So its yours now, and you can pick it up when you come home for a visit this summer. Here are a few details of its appearance:

We think its pretty nice but you're the musician

We look forward to hearing you play it this summer. We figure you could find a place on top of your turquoise pianio for it. Have a happy summer day!..

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Metal, jewellery, metallic and nature designs

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This theme for this week's Thursday challenge really challenged me a bit today until I was thinking about my most favourite nature sightings, butterflies, moths and dragonflies when I knew what I would post.I ran (mentally) to take its picture.

When a physiotherapist first suggested that I buy myself a cane I searched for one that I could identify with. It has become my friend and companion that helps me with my balance while walking along railroad tracks looking for snapping turtles laying their eggs, while strolling through uneven surfaced grassy meadows looking for butterflies or dragonflies, or when going up or down slopes or little hills going to the river or when walking along my favourite wooded walking trails. The butterfly designs on my walking cane are very lovely. lively and inspiring.
Anbother part of the theme today is jewelery I have two beauties to share with you. I have always loved rhinestones as a child. My first piece of rhinestone jewelery was a yellow and lime green necklace and earring set, a gift from my father. I could not believe that I owned such magnificent beauty when it was given to me. Today my daughter, Riel, has that set. And this treasure below was a gift from my daughter and my grandson for Christmas one year. To me it was a perfect choice and I love it.
Whenever I wear this dragonfly pin(above) it always receives compliments and praise for its lovileness.
A second piece that fits the jewelery , metal, nature theme is this blue jewelled dragonfly, a gift from my granddaughter via my daughter Riel.Isn't it special!
And to keep this post nature themed I will include a picture of a butterfly I saw yesterday. Its a toss up between a meadow fritillary and a silver-bordered fritillary, but i think its the latter,
a Silver-bordered fritillary.