Saturday, August 14, 2010

Yard Sale Treasures found today

118 men's ties for $5.00! What will I do with them? select a few to give to male family members who still wear ties now and then. I have stashed away a couple of Brooks Brothers and other well known brand names ones for gifts. The one with the price tag of $95 still on it does not appeal to me so I'm hoping my daughter who makes lovely creative quilts can make use of them. I'm sure she would come up with some fantastic creation. I am full of joy over my next purchase shown below. A baby stroller! which I plan on using as a walker when I go to a large flea market next week.The grounds there are large, dusty and uneven underfoot. It will also double as a shopping basket. I have noticed that when at a mall or supermarket, walking is not a chore when I have a shopping cart to push. At times my walking is a bit bothersome, cumbersome and laborious. This problem having developed from a strokeI had about a year and a half ago. I never had to use a walker but recently have been thinking that one might be very helpful. The thing I really like about the stroller I bought today is its large wheels! and it glides like a dream! And the handle is at such a nice height for reaching and pushing.The price was wonderful also, only $6.00. I might even take it for a walk this evening over our rough sidewalk pavement. My husband has suggested that I might put a dolly in it when I go for a walk. As he says," the neighbours will then really think that I have lost it for sure. ;-)"
Its a Graco!

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