Saturday, September 18, 2010

Schoolbus for 'school' photohunter

Nothing speraks of'school to me as much as the image of a schoolbus. I did this painting of a schoolbus several years ago whenI saw this bus to on my way to school each day. I was a teacher and I followed it to school each day. For a few years this painting hung in the office of the high school where my husbans taught. We were a family of teacher's, Today our eldest son is a teacher also as is our daughter-in-law. As a mother of three children, how well I remember those first days of starting school for them and waiting and watching for the schoolbus. Just this week we repeated that ritual of waiting for the scoolbus as we waited and watched while our little grandson, now a kindergarden student get off the bus when he returned home at the end of his schoolday.

HURRah for school buses!

This week's theme for photo hunter is frame and it is open to your own interpretation. To see what others have contributed or to add your own please click on the photo huntcr badge on the top sidebar on the right. Have a great Saturday

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