Saturday, October 2, 2010

Letters for photo hunt

"Oh My", this week's theme of letters takes me way back to 1965, 64 and 63. When I read this week's theme of 'letters' I knew I could find them. They were in an old Ganongs chocolate box in the middle lefthand drawer of my desk. When they were current they were eagerly awaited treasures. They span many miles from the Atlantic,( Saint John, N. B). to the Pacific (Vancouver, B.C. , and a few years. Also they arrivedat a cabin where I lived in the mountains and at an apartment in Calgary.I moved around a lot when I was a young woman. One year I traveled across Canada three times by train. I remember those trips well, I was so tired!

The writer of these letters has been my husband now for 44 years.

At the date shown above by the post office stamp I was living briefly in Fredericton and Saint John, N.B. David was in Vancouver, B.C. We were married in Vancouver in 1966.

week's theme for photo hunter is letters and it is open to your own interpretation. To see what others have contributed or to add your own please click on the photo huntcr badge on the top sidebar on the rightor go to:. Have a great Saturday

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Anneke (Mudhooks) said...

I've lost most of the letters I've gotten over the years. I have letters and papers of my grandfather's and some from the 1850s. Why I never saved my own letters, I don't know.