Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Another sailing ships quilt block

This block I call a Saint John River Wood Boat. Only 10 more blocks to go andthen I will be in a single digit countdown. I will have completed enough blocks for a twin bed size quilt. having 4 blocks horizontally and 6 blocks vertically. I am getting anxious to see all of the colourful blocks put together. It will be quite lovely, I hope.. I want to include a Chinese junk block as I have a piece of lovely red fabric with black Chinese lettering on it.I shall have to find a good picture of a junk's sail to use as a model before creating it.

The black sky, starry night fabric is called Halloween night. My daughter had given me the fabric. The brown fabric I had bought from Janice at the flea market held on Sunday's and the brown for the boat's body, I had bought at Mardens in Scarborough, Portland , Maine. Finding and buying fabric is a joyful pastime. That is on my list for fun things to do on Friday or perhaps maybe tomorrow. Another fun sky fabric I found was this turquoise fabric sky with multi coloured stars., shown below. This fabric Ihad purchased at Fabricville. note: I have since reconstruced the turquoise ship, changing the sails around so that they are positioned them the same as the brown ship above.

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Sandra said...

Thanks for visiting my blog (Quilt Art Star) and commenting on the flying geese quilt 'Peacock Incognito'. It is my sister's so I will pass along the praise.

Your sailboats are delightful-it will be an adorable quilt.