Monday, June 14, 2010

A bookshelf found for Today's Thrifty Treasures

We love yard slaes and eagerly await seeing and finding what's out there each weekend. Its not that we need to find things at bargain prices its the fun of discovery! And this past weekend we found a treasure for $2.oo in this beautiful pine wall shelf with the side ends designed with beautiful scroll work in wood.The plsce we've found for it to hang is on the wall of our back sunroom above a chest of drawers which appears to be a perfect match for it.I also found many books to buy for this shelf will easily be filled. Also another excellent find was a banjo for $5.00 which will be a gift for our musician son. see the previous post about this treasure. And also to add to our supply of coffe mugs a fireking Jadite coffee mug for just 10 cents making it a perfect match for the small jadite bowl we got last weekend for just 50 cents. Other treasures found by others can be found on the meme Yard sale fun hosted by Southern Hospitality : Please click on the badge on the side bar on this page to learn more about this meme or to share some of your thrifty finds. Have a great day!

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La Bella Vie said...

Hello, I found you through Colorado Lady and tried to link back into you to see the vintage tea set, but can't find it.
I'll start following you and would like to invite you to FOLLOW my blog in return, it makes it easier to re-find you again:)
Terry at La Bella Vie