Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Barn building for Remember Whensday

While driving home last Thursday feom a trip to Saint John we saw this old barn being dismantled. I just had to take its picture!. The word" barn raising "came to mind and I started wondering about its beginnings. Had it been a joint effort, maybe the result of a barn raising. The framwork reminded me of a scene from a movie I had once seen where a barn raising took place. I have driven past this location a few times since hoping to catch a glimpse, or maybe a picture of someone working on it up high. I have had no luck yet, but I will keep checking it out.

When looking at the dismantled barn picture this old antique photo above kept coming to my mind. My great grandfather Frederick Otis Pheasant is standing the third from the right in the back row. I don't know the occasion of the photo but Pa Pheasant and many of the men from the community had gathered altogether. When first seeing the photo I had thought barn raising for the evidence of building is seen in the wagon load of lumber in the lower left. But then I thought," no", not a barn for the door opening was too wide. My second guess would be that this building might be a sawmill. Perhaps the men had gathered together to saw some lumber that day and thus the reason for the wagonload of lumber. Or perhaps some building had been going on that day. ? The mystery shall remain in the past as I know of no one who could tell me of the activities of the day whwn this photo was taken.

Remember Whensday is a new meme to me. This meme gives the opportunity to share old photos and memories with others. To learn more about this fascinating meme please go to: click on the old black and white photo in the right column A happy Whensday to all!

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