Thursday, July 6, 2017

Mill Stones for Thursday's Challenge

My choice to represent this week's challenge of hard are two old mill stones.

These two  stones serve as a monument of sorts for the founding of our village.  The original land grantee, Mr.. Hartt, had established a grist mill which operated   somewhat from the time of the original land grant in 1804 until the grist mill was sold  in 1902 by its then owner "Buckwheat" Smith. 'Miller' Smith ground wheat and buckwheat into flour for the local populace and crushed peas and oats for livestock feed. These stones are still intact today  testifying to their hardiness and endurance from years of use in the grist mill.  At close inspection they appear to have a granite base.

I am linking today to Thursday's Challenge and the theme of hard. This meme can be found at:

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