Wednesday, July 19, 2017

B is for Birchbark for ABC Wednesday

These photos today for B are old items made from birchbark that I have.  They were primarily made for toys or to sell to tourists
This first item is a picture frame sold in or made in Cacouna, Quebec as a tourist sale item. Above, the back of the frame where the grain of the birch can be seen. Below, the front of the frame with the words cacouna Quebec at the bottom of the frame.
Below I have two toy birchbark wigwams to include., Shown below. you can see a portion of the white birch bark in the interior of the wigwam.
This one above was decorated with an imaginative flair  including a black bear on one side, also within are sticks piled ready for a fire.

  On its opposite side there are two paddles being handy and ready for use.

My last item is very old and small, being about two inches long.  It is a birch bark cradleboard complete with a baby.
I am linking today to ABC Wednesday Round 21 which can be found at.


ABC Wednesday said...

What a wonderful choice you've made to enter for B. Adorable items as well, never seen something like this before. Precious items to you, that is what I understand.

Have a wonderful ABC-day / -week
Melody (team ABC-W)

Ann said...

That teepee is fantastic--seen this material but wasn't sure what it was.

Leslie: said...

Fascinating! Love that frame!

abcw team

DeeDee said...

Lovely take on B

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Roger Owen Green said...

how clever


Su-sieee! Mac said...

Ah, to be a craftswoman who can manipulate birch into beautiful works of art.
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