Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Red Geraniums for Ruby Tuesday Too

I connect red geraniums in a pot with memories of my grandmother. She always had geraniums on her kitchen windowsill and she often would talk about taking slips from the plant. Winters are easier to  cope with when we have a pot of Red Geraniums in our  bay windows. This summer we have pots hanging outdoors  at our front entrance and also at the entrance gate into Bird Alley.  In the fall these pots will come inside  our house to winter in our bay windows. Today I have included pictures of the red blossoms and of some of the leaves that have turned red.
Above , a beautiful red blossom  in the pot hanging at our garden gate.

Above , a geranium leaf that has reddened and below many red leaves can be seen in the pot hanging at our front door.
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