Thursday, August 16, 2012

house memories

                                             This little  downstairs room was used as a sitting room.
                                           This large wall bookcase in the kitchen, living room, "Comon Room",
                                             was always filled with books.
                                             We had the large window at the peak especially made for that location.
                                          The small half door at the ceiling peak was found discarded in an old barn,                                            and we removed the porcupine chewed lower half before my husband restored it to a useable condition.
The fan shaped insert at the top of the bookcase was carved by my husband.
                                          The closet doors in the master bedroom,

                                             This owl carving was carved by my husband and it
                                             served as a newel post at the bottom of our stairs. I regret having left it behind.

                                          Our upstairs family room. The wood panelling was designed and installed                                              by my husband.
                                          The family room had an open beam construction.

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