Saturday, May 22, 2010

Yard Sale Treasures.

It seems that the theme of these treasure finds today is that of lighthouses.  I think they are both delightful!.  The first at the top is a hummingbird feeder found by my daughter and grandson.  Luckily for me they gave it to me.  I have filled it with sugared water and it is now awaiting its first hummingbird visitor.  I hope I get to see one soon and maybe get  a picture of it.(Success!, no I didn't get a picture but my husband just told me a female hummingbird was feeding at the lighthouse feeder.  Great! How wonderful!( Now to  catch her  feeding there with my camera . The female hummingbird came back!

and the hummie likes the lighthouse feeder.!!!!  That is good news.  better pictures to come on another day.  Stay tuned!  
.)  The second little treasure find today was of a
model sized lighthouse  erected on a driftwood base.  This little found treasure I gave to my grandson who loves lighthouses.  Looking at it makes me yearn to go beach combing and to find some seaside treasures.  I really like the overturned beached boat(dory) on the driftwood shore. If you like this theme of yardsale finds why not check back here next Saturday to see what else we have  found!

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Riel said...

So, so glad the hummingbird used the lighthouse. I know usually hummingbird feeders are red to attract them and I worried a little about the white lighthouse but I am glad it is getting used. Looks great!!!