Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Welcome to Autumn: One Single Impression

The shuddering wind shook my house
Forgetting to whisper in its summer voice
It boisterously shouted

Jesting in its autumnal tones

of summer's end

Hello Fall
You're back early this year

or does it just seem that way to me?
I've seen the advance notices of your coming

The leaving of the Hummingbirds
an early Junco in Bird Alley the other day
Song Sparrows foraging about in foliage tunnels
of undergrowth in overgrown corners of the bower

Autumn winds whisper change
as they energize the tall summer grasses
and damselflies cling and sway
to ancient choreographed rhythms

The woods and roadsides are scattered with Asters
beautiful blues accenting the late summer Goldenrod
and fluttering Cabbage Whites and Common Yellows
flit about in the afternoon sun with programmed purpose

My garden is full of mature colour
deep yellows and pinks of Coneflowers
vibrant reds of Bee Balm and Celosia
and sky blue Morning Glories

As the process of regeneration begins anew
seed pods filled with determination for next year's renewal
are replacing blooms on annuals

and blossoms fade as somber browns emerge

Our neighbor's apple trees fringing our back yard
message enticement with their rosy ripeness
while baby turtles tunnel their way to the surface
from egg filled nests laid during warm June days

Frogs now grown
bask in the strong afternoon sun
and acknowledge my presence with 'bleeps'
as they leap into the tranquil pond waters

Encroaching early evening darkness
proclaims a departure of long summer days
and the reds and yellows and oranges of turning leaves
trumpet your return....

Welcome back!

The first photo included within this post was not taken recently, but during a previous year when the season was further advanced. Our leaves this year have not yet reached this height of beauty. The photo above of the railroad track show a more accurate portrayal of the change that has taken place so far.

These lines were created in response to the word, 'autumn', which is this week's prompt at One Single Impression. For more poetry on this theme please visit the hosting site.


Julie said...

A lovely story line you have created here, Ann, that covers some of the minute changes that we collectively know as Autmn. I like that you have been able to cover trees, flowers and small animals.The changing of seasons affects us all.

I have one concern - the deer going into the sweeping blind bend taken by the railway track ...

me ann my camera said...

I hadn't really thought of the distracting message that photo might give other than illustrating the changing colours of the trees lining the tracks. The colours illustrate well the slowness of the emerging colours this year. Perhaps I'll place it at the bottom instead of at the beginning. Thanks for the mention.

barbs.haiku said...

I love how you have summer's voice a whisper and autumn's voice a boisterous shout! Yesterday was the first morning that I felt any hint of coolness, which is always welcomed here in the Deep South!

SandyCarlson said...

I love this affirmative, energetic, life-filled poem. Thanks.

Mary said...

That poem is beautiful and describes the end of summer and beginning of autumn so well. Love the deer on the tracks! Here is a funny note....I did not know what gallimaufry meant and got it into my head that it was a town you lived in. I finally looked it up today and really laughed at myself! I understand now that "hodgepodge" under the title explains it...duh.

me ann my camera said...

Several years ago I attended a teacher's convention and one of the guest speakers had introduced that word, assuming that few in the audience wouldn't be familiar with it. I hadn't a clue what it had meant either but remembered it from then on. I think its a fun word. it aptly describes a few areas in my house and thought it might do for this sort of blog as well which contains a little bit of this and that.

To me autumn is a very beautiful and peaceful time of year. glad you enjoy the poem.

Deborah Godin said...

Wow - this is a sumptious patchwrok of autumn images, all the sights, sounds and scents. I can almost smell the apples!

Sue said...

I love the rhythms of your poem, they capture the commonplace but beautiful regularity of the transition from summer to autumn.

anthonynorth said...

Some beautiful words of transition there.

Raven said...

Lovely description/song to the many subtle and wonderful transitions that make up the movement from summer to autumn to winter. Beautiful photos too.

Liked your monochrome kitties down below too.

Beloved Dreamer said...

This is more like a tale told around the fireside then poem. And yet it has the beauty and luster of autumn all through it.
Lovely work.


zoya gautam said...

..without psychology & philosophy one can't have aesthetics..(trying not to exaggerate but) i find a touch of all three in this narrative..many thanks..

Pam said...

I really like your image of 'mature' colors. Well done.

Jim said...

May I call you Gaulli Ann? I didn't know what gallimaufry meant either and hadn't heard of it. Just now Webster On-line told me about the French stew.
I had seen that word in your blog title but thought it was a proper noun of a place for me to look up some time, if I would. Thank you.

Fall is here early this year, but tomorrow would be 'on time.' I think it did come quickly this year.
I really enjoyed your poem, autumn needs to be honored in it's traditional setting, orange, yellow, and red leaves among the green. :-)

me ann my camera said...

I am more into the hodge podge of things and not much of a cook really but perhaps this blog can be viewed as a stew of ideas. Do you think if the word represents a French stew the origin of the word might have something to do with the ancient name for the region of Gaul in Europe, including France? :-)

To me fall has always a joyous time; beautiful leaves, warm fires, brisk walks, a gallimaufry of things to truly appreciate.

susan said...

Simply put- I like what you do. Thanks for the read.

Anonymous said...

You could have been writing about area. We finally had a frost, after I posted my photo, and now the color is stunning up the street from me.

Although manmade the track and polelline sure add to that shot, don't they?

Lovely poem.

tumblewords said...

Very nice! The photos are wonderful and your words equally colorful!

Anonymous said...

Such perfect autumn imagery. Just beautifully said.

qualcosa di bello said...

you made me forget how much i'm missing summer! just beautiful... (& so true...around these parts there is no 'summer voice' any more!)

Beth P. said...

Liked your poem--it was a story--and yes, it would be lovely to tell sitting around a campfire, smelling the still wet wood...

Thanks for this! And thanks for visiting my site--