Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Skelton Key: A Simple Thing for Thematic Photography

The other day we wanted to have a duplicate of a key made, and of all the shapes and designs of templates available, a match could not be found to ours at that particular counter. Perhaps there's not much today that beats the simplicity of a skelton key. One size fits all and you could probably have purchased one in a hardware store.

I decided to check it out to see if that fact held true, that the one key would fit in all and so I tried it in three of the doors in my more than a century old house. And it did!

"simple" is this week's theme at the thematic photographic meme . For more pictures and information of how you can join in on the photo sharing too, just click on the highlighted name.


Pamela said...

Oh Oh Oh -- this has the memory juices flowing.

We had a skeleton key = and my mom would leave it in the door at night. She said it would keep someone from opening it from the other side.

Test out that theory an let me know if it is true (:

We never worried about intruders - but we lived out in the country and had a big dog.

Love Love your door knobs.

me ann my camera said...

My mother always said the same thing and every night the key was turned sideways in the lock. Apparently if it was turned sideways no one could push it out from the other side. We never did have any intruders either, so maybe it worked. I can't check it out as I only have the one key. And we have gone modern and don't use them on our entrance doors :-)
Glad you enjoyed the post.

bobbie said...

Your photos are perfect for the theme

I'm told it's been foolish of me, but it's only very recently that I have started locking my door. Even now, I sometimes forget. and I have lived in three different states.

Your first key looks like one I have now lost, from my mother-in-law's old china cabinet.

Mary said...

wow...what wonderful doorknobs you have! I'd love to see your whole house! These are gorgeous and I love old neat to knwo they fit them all.

George said...

How neat! I guess we do make things too complicated at times.

Anonymous said...

From a pre-amateur photographer..
#1 Love those shots

My question:

What is your source of lighting and were you using a macro lense?

Exit 318

me ann my camera said...

exit 318:
I used the macro feature on my fixed lense, point and shoot, Sony DSC, and I can't remember if I used a flash, but probably not. There is a lot of natural light in these locations. Glad that you enjoyed and thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

''Skelton Key''. I haven't heard that term in decades. I truly believe that every grandmother/gr-grandmother had one.

BTW, you're pushing me ever so slowly to purchase a macro lense, you know. Tee-Hee

Exit 318